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How it Works


Connect your video site with Suruna using Suruna API. We will scan all your videos and start to collect relevant information about your data and users.


Our Machine Learning algorithm structures your data. Starting to understand your video universe, your audience behavior. Analyzing patterns and classifying it. A live algorithm that can be accessed by our dashboard.


Now you have an intelligent video site. Who can learns from your content and your users. Giving them exactly what they want to see. Learning more and more each time.


Applying Machine Learning in your videos

Gathering your data

Integration API

Who Are We

Creating tools for a simpler world

We are passionate about the creation of new things. Things that never existed before, like works of art, music, books and technology. We can create the last one. A tool is a vision to change the world. To improve it, to make humans more free. Design tools using code is a journey. And more interesting when is about Artificial Intelligence. Suruna is not just an startup created to make money. Is an exploration, a path to understand how a global tool can be created in Lima, Peru. That is why our team have to be resilient. Creating high tech tools in a raising ecosystem.

Generation 11th, 2015

Represented Peru in APEC Global Challenge 2015

AI prototyping, 2016

Ascend+ Program 2017

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