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Features of Suruna

A powerful set of AI services to manage your video assets

One-to-One Video Personalization

Just like YouTube or Netflix does. You can start to scale your human curation process with Suruna Prediction API.

Suruna analyses your video inventory, your users behavior and starts creating the right set of videos to the right user.

Cognitive knowledge of your Media

Start navigating your videos by words, images, concepts. Bringing new life to your old assets, empowering your current content.

Suruna Insider API extracts knowledge from your videos, creating taxonomies automatically and structuring your data.

Predicting the life of a video

Optimize your video content based on data-driven-approach to predict traffic potential and get exponential shares and audiences.

It is time to start understanding your videos with Suruna Intelligence API.


Build emotional connections with customers at scale

The actual Machine Learning neural networks are trained to match video data with behavioral data, the result is an infinite and exhausting feed, like Facebook’s wall or Instagram.

Our approach differs significantly from the current implemented solutions. We are focused on creating strong connections between people and content to unleash a new and more productive human-machine relationship.

Our Approach

Neural Networks for Emotional Connection

Suruna develops technologies to understand the narrative of the video.  Videos are not just objects to match with consumers. Videos are stories that arouse emotions and can create a strong connection with the user.

And users are not patterns, they are people with desires and emotions. Our technology enables us to create high-value scalable relationships between people and content.

How it works?

Choose yor Suruna API

To connect your video assets with Suruna you only need to use our set of APIs. Add a few lines of code to the video player and Suruna will start analyzing your data, structuring it and learning from your users and your videos.

You do not need to hire a team of artificial intelligence engineers to have a smart site.

Use our dashboard or your platform

When your site is connected to Suruna you can access our dashboard, where you will customize the learning objectives, access the business intelligence service, manage your taxonomy etc.

Or you just can fully integrate our services into your OTT video platform. Or the video solution you are using.


What motivate us?

Creating tools for a simpler world

We are passionate about the creation of new things, things that never existed before like art, music, books and technology. We can create the last one. A tool is a vision to change the world, to improve it.

Design tools using code is a journey. And more interesting when is about Artificial Intelligence. Suruna is an exploration, a path to understand how a global tool can be created in Lima, Peru. That is why our team is resilient.

Who endorse Suruna?

Generation 11th, 2015

APEC Global Challenge, 2015

AI prototyping, 2016

Ascend+ Program, 2017

Generation 5th, 2017

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